Letter from Ms. Marla


Dear Parents, Families, and Caregivers,

I hope this email finds you well! I am feeling fine myself.

I would like you to know I am available to check in with students and offer my help and support at this time via email, phone, or Zoom. Many of you may have tried using Zoom and I hope it seems somewhat comfortable. While I am still getting used to it, I am successfully able to invite students into a session to chat! I do not have any particular agenda for these check-ins, just to touch base with students and support them in any way I can. Perhaps that is just to say hello or perhaps they have something they'd like to discuss. I certainly have all the students in mind and I miss seeing them!

As well as connecting with students, the TRSU school counselors have created a website with guidance lessons for grade levels like PreK-2, 3-4, 5-6. We are focusing on self care at this time. You can easily click on the lesson links at the website. Here is the link to that site.


You may also access the guidance lessons as via each Google Classroom's Specials page. They feature a link to the same website that the TRSU counselors have created contains the lessons as well as school counselors' contact information and local and parent resources. The counselors will continue adding lessons and other information.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything at all. Also, you can email me to let me know if you would like me to touch base with a student in your household at marla.capossela@trsu.org. Again, I can use email, phone, or Zoom to communicate with your student. If you would like me to call, give me a phone number and time. If email, I can use the student's school email address. If Zoom, we can pick a time and I can send an email invitation to a Zoom session through the student's school email account. Also, I have a Google Voice number as well as call forwarding at my LES telephone number listed on the website.

Thank you for your understanding as we move forward. We are being challenged to think in a different way and come up with alternatives to what has always been a face to face job. I am committed to the students and look to be as available and proactive as possible during this time. Feel free to reach out with any concerns.

Be well and I can't wait to see you all on the other side of this!


Marla Capossela

LES School Counselor