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 Wendy Ehlert, School Counselor, 
(802) 228-2464 (Confidential Voicemail)
Hours:  7:30 - 2:45, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

 Amy Jo Lines ~ School-based Clinician,
(802) 228-7415 (Confidential Voicemail) or (802) 558-5801
Hours:  7:30 - 2:45, Tuesday and Friday
 Bela Schug ~ School-Community Liaison
Voice mail: 802-342-8122
By Appointment
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What Does a School Counselor Do?

The LES School Counselor helps ALL children by teaching classroom guidance lessons that deal with many topics including:
  • the understanding of self and others
  • communication skills
  • decision making skills
  • stress management
  • drug and alcohol prevention
  • anger management
Wendy Ehlert works with children individually and in the classroom setting. She organizes and supervises the Big Buddy and the community peer mentor programs. She is a member of the school crisis team and the school wellness committee. She also supports teachers and families through her work with students.

Reasons to see a School Counselor

There are a number of reasons students may feel the need to have an individual meeting with a school counselor. Some reasons might include:
  • school issues
  • friendship problems
  • social skills
  • coping with a death
  • coping with parents separation/divorce

Referral to the School Counselor

Students can be referred to the school counselor through a number of ways, including:
  • self referral
  • parent referral
  • teacher referral
  • educational support team (EST) referral