Preschool - Mrs. Miele

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Ludlow Elementary School Preschool Letter 2021.pdf

Lora Miele, Beth Oldenburg, and Devin Brown (EEE)

The main focus of our preschool program is on the social-emotional development and growth of our children. We are teaching children how to function within a group and experience feelings of success. We work to create life long learners who thrive in a school setting. Preschool is the PERFECT time to do this as 3-5 year old children have a natural willingness and eagerness to learn! There is a unique window of opportunity for teachers to capture, stimulate, and build upon the architecture of the maturing brain.

We have created a safe and welcoming classroom environment which allows children to experiment, explore, and develop a type of learning style that works best for each individual child.

Our curriculum is play-based and child-directed. We provide structure, opportunities, and activities within the classroom based on the interests of the children. The activities may be the same, but the APPROACH to how each child engages and completes an activity is very different and unique to them selves. All activities are hands-on and open ended. This allows each child, no matter what their skill level, to complete any given activity.

At a glance, you will see children engaged with blocks, water, computer, puzzles, and playdough, (to name a few). What is occurring through this play is learning to take turns, sharing, problem solving, reading, writing readiness, and above all, FUN!

Ultimately, success within our program will build a positive sense of self, a love for school, and a confidence that will serve as each child's foundation for future learning and growth.

We are fortunate to have involvement within our classroom from a variety of sources. Parents are and essential and valued component to the success of our program, and we are lucky to have this connection on a daily basis. We also have 3rd grade reading buddies from Mrs. Mark's third grade classroom.

We have an open door and hope that we receive many more visitors!



Lora Miele & Beth Oldenburg