Registration to LES

If you have a student returning to school, or if you have a student that is in the district but changing schools you don't need to pre-register your child. Please contact the office of the school they are now registered in or have been registered at in the past. If this is preschool re-registration - please call the school.

If you are new to the district, please fill out the form at this link to start the process. click here

You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted the application. If your application has been accepted, you will receive another email with instructions on setting up a user account on the Powerschool public portal.

In order to finish your registration, you will need to upload several documents: A copy of the birth certificate and immunization records must be uploaded to the school before a student can be enrolled in a Vermont Public School.

You will also need documents for proof of residency. Please check the list below* for acceptable forms.

If there are any court orders that we need to be aware of (custody, etc.) please have those ready to upload as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Diana Chimbolo at 802-875-5151 or

*Residency documentation:

Supply ONE of the following documents that shows your residential address (no P.O. boxes)

☐ Current property tax bill showing Homestead taxation or a copy of VT H122-Homestead Declaration filed with the State of Vermont Department of Taxes.

☐ Current mortgage papers/closing statement with name of parent, legal guardian, or custodian.

☐ Formal lease showing the name, address and phone number of the landlord and name of lessee.

☐ A notarized letter from the landlord stating the address of the residence being leased/occupied and the name(s) of the lessee(s)/occupant(s), along with the landlords contact information including address and telephone number.

AND, supply TWO of the following documents that show your residential address (no P.O. boxes)

☐ Valid Vermont Driver’s License

☐ Valid Vermont vehicle registration card

☐ Current Bank Statement ☐ Valid Vermont Identification card

☐ Valid Automobile insurance card ☐ Valid voter registration card

☐ Valid homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy

☐ A current or most recent pre-printed pay stub with the employer’s name and address and the employees name and address consistent with the employees’ W4 for federal and state income tax purpose

☐ Current utility bill (gas, electric, landline phones, wired cable, or heating oil propane delivery bill) that contains the customer’s name (wireless phone bills CANNOT be accepted: cable and telephone bills cannot be from the same source)

Below are forms that cannot be done electronically. The Free & Reduced lunch application is sent out yearly. We will be sending home the 2022-2023 form at the beginning of the year.