LUDLOW Elementary School

Non-Resident Students

Over the years, Ludlow Elementary School has had several families visit the area for portions of the school year and have enrolled their children at the school. The school community enjoys having students from all walks of life and it does enrich our community, but it also adds a financial burden on the local community.

The State school funding laws have made funding for our school a difficult endeavor for the Ludlow School Board and Community. Much of the funding comes to us on a per equalized pupil basis. This pupil count is done on the 40th day of the school year and again at the end of the school year. Students that only attend a few months of our school year, are not in our funding numbers from the state.

Under Vermont State Statute, Title 16, Sub Chapter 25, §§ 1075 a student who is under the age of 18 is “domiciled” in a school district, and thereby entitled to attend school in the district, if his or her parent or legal guardian is “domiciled” in that district. Domicile is the place where a person lives in his or her fixed, permanent home. This home must be the place to which he or she intends to return when he or she goes away, and from which he or she has no intention of moving anytime soon. A person can have only one “domicile” at a given time, even if he or she has more than one home.

What does this mean for our visiting families? For those families interesting in visiting the Ludlow area for an extended period of time during the school year and wish to enroll their children into the Ludlow Elementary School, there will be a prorated tuition rate charged for participation in the school.

Each year the Ludlow Elementary School Board sets the yearly tuition rate. For students enrolling for a portion of the school year the School Board has set a prorated rate of $450 per week of enrollment to be paid in advance.

Again we would welcome your child(ren) to our school.


Cathy Farman, Principal, For the Ludlow School Board